Scott D. Wells

Visual Designer - 612.412.4124 - Resume - LinkedIn

Portfolio Of Work

Westinghouse Careers Site Development
I fully coded the functionality of the Carriers section, adapted JavaScript to implement an interactive homepage and created the menus completely in CSS.
Internal Interactive Browser Based Map
This was a fully interactive internal map designed to allow employees from all around the world connect easily to direct site pages. It features 3-4 levels of complexity along with the ability to sort by regional managers.
Fukushima Response Site Development
I coded and designed the Westinghouse response site to the Fukushima meltdown. The videos needed to be fully HTML5 compliant and playback on mobile devices. There is also an interactive brochure.

Westinghouse Small Modular Reactor Site
I coded and designed the public Small Modular Reactor site as a standalone site. It features interactive menus and light boxed image resizing.

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